* 5TH WARD *
Together We Can
  Ondie James is a native and lifelong resident of Poughkeepsie,
New York. She's lived in the 5th Ward for 36 years. Ondie is the
President and Founder of Majesty 6:33 Productions. She is also
the President, Board of Directors of Poughkeepsie Rising Inc.
(Theater &/Performing Arts/Non-Profit) Over the years, I've had
the privilege to work in diverse vocational fields such as Healthcare,
Certified C.N.A in a Nursing Home Facility, Secretarial, Office Clerk, and Business/Administration fields. I've worked with the youth for 30 years, as a Foster Care Parent, Youth Teacher, Mentor and Youth Development Professional. In my career, I've been highly motivated, and most passionate about youth services and equipping them with basic tools they need to succeed in school, and in life.

My grassroots business is where I began community engagement, and service.
Majesty 6:33 Productions was founded in 2008 and has been a platform for me to serve as a Community Event Host, for the Arts, Theater, Award & Gala Events, Women Empowerment, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Outreach, Legacy Makers Photoshoots and Youth Mentorship. In doing so, I have been honored to meet and collaborate with several community leaders, organizations, and liaison. It has been very rewarding, and I look forward to having this opportunity as your 5th Ward Council Member to utilize my experience and serve in an even greater capacity,

From my experience, I know that hard work, patience, and determination along with a unified vision to move forward is the key to succeed, grow and thrive. Where there is UNITY, there is power and strength. As we work TOGETHER the possibilities are endless.

I look forward to serving with dedication, and integrity, along with the City Council, City Administration, and City Mayor to enact legislative action to advance our community for the present and future well-being of the great city of Poughkeepsie, NY and its citizens.

In closing, Ondie is a devoted Wife, Mother, and Grandmother.
My Belief: God is 1st, Family is 2nd, then Service, in this order.


About The Candidate 

Ondie James