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My decision to run for City Council is rooted in my desire to promote positive and impactful changes that will advance the trajectory of our communities and enhance the quality of lives for our citizens. For many years, I have been dedicated to serving families and the youth of our community in various capacities. During this time, I have cultivated a diverse array of leadership experience and vocational skillsets that I would like to bring to the table. In addition to my experience, my 36 years of living in the 5th Ward, the love I have for my hometown and its people are the core reasons why I'm running, and I feel that I'm a genuine and qualified candidate for this 2023 Election. I hope to earn your vote and serve as your 5th Ward Council Member. With your vote, I will work diligently with the City Council, City Administration, and the City Mayor to advocate for you, represent you and voice your issues and concerns. A few key areas of focus will be:

  • Public Safety
  • Affordable Housing
  • Economic Growth and Development

I firmly believe in the potential of our Poughkeepsie citizens and the many families that reside in the 5th Ward.  I believe together we have the fortitude and determination needed to move forward. Despite the struggles and critical challenges within our ward, we will remain resilient, proactive and strong in spirit. My assignment in serving has always been to EMPOWER, IMPACT and INSPIRE others. With your vote on November 7, 2023, we can make this happen. I look forward to working with you in revitalizing our great community, one neighborhood at a time.

Some of the key issues!

Health Care 

Drugs/ Violence

Public Transportation

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